31.3.13 What a day.

by Ellen Girod

It’s 21.17 and my brains burning. Today I’ve finalized the excel with literature overview of applied studies. By cross-reading the literatury i’ve evaluated which one is usefull as for methodology/workframe development and which ones usefull as for index development. I also summarized the main objective of each paper. And yes i’ve identified the keywords of each paper, which will help me later on writing the literature overview. Thats what the result of this day looks like: Bachelor Thesis_SME Internationalization Index

I’ve made to folders “scientific papers” and “applied reports”. The main word-document “Bachelor Thesis” had a little adjustment of structure. While going through the literature i’ve found lot’s of nice approaches for methodology and theory, the screenshots and copy-pastes are collected in the word-docs “Methdology Template” and “Theory Template”.

Heres what it looks like:

Pic for BT Blog

Tomorrow i will go through the scientific papers. (On my ipad. Allows me quicker reading than on laptop.)
Tuesday i will draft the first multi criterial analysis of my indicators.
Wednesday im meeting my prof for presentation of first draft of indicators.