Meet the Prof.

by Ellen Girod

Today I had the first review meeting with my lecturer Prof. Dr. Markus Prandini. I provided him with an overview of what I’ve done so far  and how I’m planning to proceed. Showed him the sources and also the OECD methodology guideline which I’m planning to adopt to my thesis Suggested some small amendment to the theory framework (ZHAW Model of Internationalization) he provided me with and he approved them. Given the extensive amount of scientific material and exisiting approaches, we have decided to completely focus the research of the thesis on the desk research and to go without the interviews with the SMEs. We’ve discussed that the SMEs can be taken in as a second step, big style survey would be recommendable here. I was delighted by that, because this gives me more time : ) to dive further into the science and provide my thesis with some profounded theory.

All in all he was extremly positive and lauded my work and my approach. Receiving such great feedback and knowing that I’m on the right way was more than motivating.