Lost in science.

by Ellen Girod

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been lost in research, journal papers, books, articles and reports and take this as advantage to describe my search strategy. Strategy #1: List of keywords. As there are many words for one thing, i’m keeping a list of all my keywords. Strategy #2: there are two approaches to find interesting sources: forward and backward citations.

Search strategy #1: list of keywords of main words “index” and “internationalisation”
index                         internationalisation
measuring                internationality, international
measure                    transnationality, transtanional
indices                       multinational
assessment               multidomestic
degree                        global company
rating                        born global

Search strategy #2: forward and backward citations
Forward: check bibliography of interesting paper /article for more sources.
Backward: check publications that cited your source (google scholar “cited reference search” or klick on “zitiert durch”)