Indices, Indexes, Indicators?

by Ellen Girod

Indices: Hinweise
Indice: Hinweis, Indiz
To indicate: hinweisen, anzeigen

Indicator: Kennziffer, Kennzeichen, Blinker
From latin to point out.
Economic Indicator: Is a statistic used to determine the state of general xy activitiy (Britannica)
Economomic Indicator: is a statistic about economy. Include various indices, reports, summaries etc. (Wiki)

Rating: Bewertung, Einschätzung
Rating: evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality, quantity or combination of both. (Wiki)
Rating: of items assigns a numerical score to each item. A rating list, when sorted, creates a ranking list. (#Book)

Ranking: Klassifizierung
Ranking: is a relationship betweet a set of items, ranked higher/lower/equal than/to. (Wiki)
Ranking: of items is a rank-ordered list of the items. (#Book)

Ranking & Rating:
Sorting a rating list produces a ranking list. (#Book)

Ranking method: matrixanalysis or optimization,

Index: Verzeichnis, indizieren, indexieren

Scale: Masstab, messen
Scale social sciences: process of measuring or ordering entities (Wiki)
Rating scale: one of the oldest and most versatile of assessment techniques. rating scale present users with an item and ask them to select from a number of choices. Its similar to mult. choice test, but options represent degrees of a particular characteristic. (Britannica)

Measure: messen, abschätzen
Assess: bewerten, schätzen
Evaluate: bewerten, schätzen
Rate: schätzen, rechnen, klassifizieren

Degree: Mass, Stufe, Grad