Heuristic, or four years of studying in one single word.

by Ellen Girod


Am I developing an Index, a Scale, a Ranking or a Rating? Getting lost. Getting completely lost in science and world of knowledge is a wonderfull thing (experience, process) and quite flow-promising. On the other hand investing one whole day (or 10 hours) for 0.5 pages and 3 citations is not that motivating. By reminding myself that the submission date is in 5 weeks already and projects such as AWF, WPM and management game are coming up make me bit dizzy. And there is also this decision about my future which needs some serious thinking. Which master to choose and which work-pensum i to negotiate with my employer. And once again this quote i found lately on wikipedia comes to my mind. (Sorry the german quote is better.)

Heuristik – bezeichnet die Kunst, mit begrenztem Wissen und wenig Zeit zu guten Lösungen zu kommen.

My post on twitter to this discovery was “Wow, four years of studying in one single word.”