The writing begins.

by Ellen Girod


After my multiple science oceans dives, i became a research-junkie. Researching and reading is like a drug, the more you do, the less you get satisfied. And the more youre longing for. But 24 may is coming, and my personal scientific coach, my dearest husband, gave me a piece of valuable advice: stop researching, start writing. Giving up on google scholar and mendeley, was like being dried out, heavy times. But it was the best advice i could have recieved. So after the reading, the writing follows. The scientific writing. Heres my check list of my ZHAW-learnings: Tentative statements, full form words, nominalised phrasing, passive voice, third person pronouns, no clichés. Heres a good artikle on third person pronouns:

And heres a nice one (for all ya research-junkies out there) on how reading improvs ones writing skills:[]#